• 31 May 2014
  • 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Travelodge Hotel - 66 Aurora Lane Docklands VIC 3008
  • 49


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The Leaders and Visionaries Conference

Tap into the inner potential you’ve always had and felt.

Awaken the power to enrich your life.


Direct yourself towards a brighter future of Wealth, Health and Happiness.


The FOCUS of this exclusive, information packed event is YOU and your BUSINESS or Wealth Creation Vehicle

Become empowered and skilled at creating wealth and maximise the potential in your business through a conscious and aware state.


Within you is the power to rise to an entirely new and unexplored level of consciousness. A new Level of Consciousness where you’ll begin to "see" things, which you may never have realized before. And begin creating a new and exciting life for yourself and others.


You are the key driver of your own life and your own business. You can only create success in business and wealth, when you become successful yourself.


The Leaders and Visionaries Conference is the only conference on the planet where mind conditioning is exposed in layers. Enabling you to see the games people are playing, and the games others are playing along with them!


Raise your vibration and consciousness to another level, so you can truly make a change. A change you desire, one that’s positive and almost effortless. It's a philosophy of abundance.


Discover your own circle of influence, and make changes to things that previous generations have left in chaos - the world cannot survive without conscious leaders.

It’s these philosophies that are propelling Xenia to the forefront of wealth creation strategists. Only a true leader and visionary can create a new paradigm shift and rebuild a new model. -Making the ones that are not working obsolete.


And that can only begin with a shift in your own awakening.


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